You are someone who is responsible for the growth and quality of content on the various websites at home and abroad. “Content is king” is often said. We would like to comply with that. Customers gain trust through your content, and receive sufficient information about the products they need. You distinguish our content from that of others and make the difference. As a result, we reduce telephone and e-mail traffic. We prevent differences between websites and we have a continuous increase of new unique content. In addition to the existing platforms, new sites are being built and started. Nothing will just work. You only have the right to exist with the right and well-written content.

There are many issues that need to be addressed. In addition to the content-based nature of the position, we will look at your competencies. There is a lot of room to develop within the company and to take on tasks that suit you well. It could well be that you are also working on newsletters and other mailings, video scripts, SEO and SEA.

Who are we?

We are Solver Media and run a number of webshops within the do-it-yourself industry. Started in the Netherlands and now active in 8 countries in Europe. Our ambition and expansion extends further and soon we will also take the first steps outside Europe.

Informal, personal responsibility, freedom, stubborn and ambitious. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then a match is very conceivable.

The work, in general, at a glance:

  • You check and generate content and supplement websites where necessary
  • You work closely with the helpdesk, marketing manager and media manager to support their initiatives
  • You submit content to our translators and forward all content on the different websites
  • You look for supporting topics to write about; everything people are looking for with regard to a relevant issue
  • You dive into a topic and find out the ins-and-outs that customers are working on
  • You maintain good contact with external service providers (such as translators and SEO specialists)

Are we interested?

Then we may also be interested in you. This is what we are looking for:

  • A highly educated working and thinking level
  • 10 for language
  • An autodidact, especially to get to know the characteristics of products
  • Pragmatic attitude
  • Accuracy and efficiency
  • Are you someone who can completely identify with the above? Then we would like to get in touch with you!

What do we offer

A very flexible position in an international working environment. There are many options for filling this position at your own discretion. This function will be performed partly from home and partly from one of our offices (Amsterdam & Den Bosch region). The lines are very short and informal, both internally and with external parties. In the long run, there are many opportunities for growth within our company. We are happy to look at your strengths with you.

We will assess your CV to the best of our ability and offer you a commensurate salary.

Do you meet our profile? Then send your CV with good guidance.

**acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated**

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